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Futureproofing Nanotechnology Facilities

At ICNRD-2023, Deerns shares its expertise and experience on how the nanoelectronics facilities can prepare for the merging of nano-electronics miniaturisation and biomolecular assembly.

Rapid advances in science and technologies have pushed miniaturisation resulting in micro, nano and quantum devices. At the same time, abilities to direct and control the assembly of application-specific biomolecules have emerged.

Research is increasingly focused on bringing these two trends together, opening up possibilities in terms of bionano-motors, sensors and personalised medicines. However, these advances are also driving new, more stringent requirements for nanotechnology research laboratories and cleanrooms.

Four key challenges include:

  • Vibrations
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Airborne chemical contamination
  • Temperature control.

The planning and design to meet these extremely stringent conditions is becoming ever more complex and costly.

Here’s where we Design for the Future

Join Eric Stuiver, Sector Director Electronics, on 7 December at the International Conference on Nano Research and Development (ICNRD-2023) in Singapore for his presentation “The essentials for future ready Nanotechnology facilities”.

Eric will be discussing both the technical and financial impact of the merging of nano-electronics miniaturisation and biomolecular assembly trends on laboratory and cleanroom facilities. He will also introduce solutions to demonstrate how these challenges can be addressed, illustrated by several case studies that have been realised or are being developed. Finally, he will share his perspective on how science and new technologies can drive us towards futureproof nanotechnology facilities.

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Eric Stuiver

Sector Director Electronics