New clean-link corridors enhances productivity for NXP

Following project completion in May 2015, two new clean-link corridors are now in use at NXP’s Manchester site in the UK. These corridors were designed to enhance productivity by connecting three semiconductor fabrication facilities. 

Before construction of the new corridors, personnel and product transferring between the fabrication facilities had to leave and re-enter stringently controlled cleanroom environments. To prevent contamination of the cleanrooms and the devices being transferred, time and resource consuming de-gowning and gowning procedures and product isolation procedures were necessary.

The new clean-link corridors provide an efficient means for personnel and product to transfer directly between the semiconductor fabrication facilities, without the need for these procedures, by providing classified cleanroom environments for the whole of the route. The corridors have achieved significant reductions in production time and have also reduced the use of consumables.

The larger of the clean-link corridors was a particularly challenging project. The 120 meter long corridor is routed internally and externally and accommodates significant changes in floor and ground levels. Additionally, existing non-classified personnel routes and fire escape provision had to be maintained. Deerns developed six options, which were evaluated to compare cost, complexity, space utilisation, practicality and construction schedule.

18 May 2015

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