CSR Policy

Environmental impact

Our travel kilometres are responsible for the majority of our CO2 footprint. We have therefore taken particular measures to limit the number of kilometres and further reduce our CO2 emissions per kilometre. The latter is being achieved by promoting the use of public transport and energy-efficient company cars. All company cars should have label A, the most energy-efficient label there is. Furthermore, all company cars available for car sharing are completely electric or hybrids. In order to stimulate energy-efficient driving behaviour, for the past few years we have taken part in the annual Greendriver Challenge competition.

For our business flights, we provide compensation via the Climate Neutral Group for the total CO2 emissions caused by our air travel kilometres. In the office category, the emphasis lies on energy-saving measures and the use of sustainable energy. We also limit the use of raw materials where possible, particularly paper. Any paper we use has been sustainably produced and is recycled.


Since our inception in 1928, we have developed sustainable solutions for numerous clients. Our energy concepts remain by far the biggest driving force behind our goal of achieving a substantial CO2 reduction. Our goal is therefore to implement all the relevant projects that we manage in one year in such a sustainable way that they qualify for recognised certification. In order to achieve this goal, we actively offer our clients more sustainable solutions than they initially request. One example is office building The Edge. The Head office of Deloitte / AKD in Amsterdam is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world with a BREEAM Outstanding certificate with the highest score ever. In order to stay ahead with award winning energy concepts and MEP designs, we encourage all our staff members to join our international innovation competition. In 2014, 27 international teams joined this competition. The most promising innovations will be further developed in 2015 in order to make them ready for our clients.

Staff members

Deerns strives to attract talented and motivated people, to inspire and retain them and - in line with our organisational objective - to offer them maximum support in their personal development. Cooperation and knowledge sharing are important for providing an optimal service to our clients. This is reflected in an open and non-hierarchical working atmosphere and intensive internal cooperation. We invest in the development of people based exclusively on their abilities, regardless of their personal, professional or geographical background. We inspire our staff members to work according to our core values: CEDRIC.